Adult Ministries

Our church has a variety of options for growth in faith. Whether you need theology classes, practical opportunities for service, one-on-one attention, or simply need to pray, there is a place for you here. Take a look at the different ways that you can join an adults themed group, single or married, with or without children according to your personal interests.

Sunday School

You are invited to come join us in our time of learning and studying God's word. The knowledge that comes from attending Sunday School brings us closer to God in our walk with Him. The fellowship that is shared in Sunday school is a wonderful way to get closer to the people in our church and to grow friendships with other believers. Please come and be a part of this wonderful learning and sharing experience. Sunday School starts at 9:00 am every Sunday Morning and ends at 10:00 a.m. The worship service follows at 10:30 a.m. (Sunday School is also offered during the summer months with worship at 10 a.m.) Nursery care and Children's Sunday School are provided during the school year, so there are activities for all ages.

Some of the Celebrations of Giving:

  • Cents-Ability – special projects of evangelism and services
  • Pentecost Offering
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Peace & Global Witness
  • Christmas Joy Gift
  • Community – Food Pantry, Soup Opera, Hospice, Hope, Inc., Union Mission, Salvation Army, Scott Place, Shoes for Kids, CASA, Wesley Foundation, and many more
  • Education – Two scholarships at Davis & Elkins College from the Nettie Blubaugh Fund

The Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee serves as a very vital part of the church family. The committee consists of 8 to 10 members which serve for a period of two years. The committee is sustained entirely by contributions from interested individuals. The mission of the Sunshine Committee is to ACT in Christian concern. Every member is urged to visit the sick and shut-ins. Its purpose is to sustain, encourage, and show loving concern for members of the Presbyterian congregation and their families—with cards, notes, visits and phone calls during times of hospitalization, serious illness at home, death, births and/or other occasions deemed fitting by the committee. The Sunshine Committee celebrated its 100th anniversary of service to our church family in October, 2008.

McAteers Breakfast Group

The McAteers Breakfast group is an informal group that meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. at McAteers. This group talks about everything from current events, local issues, to personal updates and stories.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch meets at the church on the first Monday of each month at 10:30 a.m. This group focuses on strengthening relationships with one another. The group has a faith based discussion followed by lunch.