Ministry Teams

First Presbyterian Church encourages all members, friends, and those searching to find ways to share your gifts with God and in love for others. There are 6 ministry teams that help guide the worship, ministry, and outreach of this church.

Christian Discipleship - Led by Elders and and Meredith Knight and Jill Zundell

This team provides for the educational programming of the church.

Hospitality - Led by Elders Deanna Kritzern and Anne Schooley

This team provides programs to nurture members in faith with fellowship opportunities.

Outreach - Led by Elders Amy Koon and Jennifer Poling

This team leads the church in the benevolent ministries of the church.

Administrative - Led by Elders Pam Nolan and Amy Turluck

This team is responsible for the employment and supervision of church staff.

Property - Led by Elders Joe Jernigan and Rob Steele

This team oversees the care and maintenance of the church property.

Worship - Led by Elders Marilyn Morgan and Pam Stalnaker

This team guides and plans the worship of the church.


There are so many ways for you to offer your skills and gifts to God in service of this community. You are invited to learn more or volunteer by contacting the church office.